By Margaret Shuttleworth

It is tough finding a job in a foreign country. For those of you who have been looking for a job in Chile and haven’t had luck yet, I have created a guide on how to go about finding work here. This guide is written with the assumption that not everyone has a working proficiency level of Spanish. So if your Spanish isn’t perfect, and you’re looking for work that allows that, I hope you will find this guide useful.

Start Up Chile

You’ve probably heard of Start-Up Chile by now. It’s an amazing incentive program that the Chilean government started for entrepreneurs to create to bring start-ups to Chile.  It started in _ and receives between 200 and 250 companies per year. These companies are from all over the world, and there are certainly some that operate in your native language.

If you want to search for jobs at international start-ups that are part of this program, you can check out the Start Up Chile job portal.

Though it’s a start, not all of the start-ups list their jobs on this site, so do some research about which start ups in your language are part of the Start-Up Chile program, and check on their site for job openings. If you want to see all the companies that are part of the Start-Up Chile program, here is a list of all 750 of them.

Expat Jobs

If you’re not interested in working at a start-up, but want to find a job that only requires that you speak English, check out Xpat Jobs. This site is great because it allows you to search by language. If you are only able to speak both English and Spanish, you can search with that filter. If you’re only able to speak English, it’ll only show you jobs with that as a requirement. I found this feature very helpful when I was searching for jobs in Santiago, since my Spanish is limited.


Check out your native country’s Santiago embassy for job openings. Some of these jobs may require Spanish, but there is also a chance that there will be clerical work where only your native tongue will be necessary.

Jobs in Santiago – Lastly, here is a fantastic Facebook page for expats seeking work in Santiago. I recommend joining the group and checking it frequently to see if anyone has posted anything that you are interested in and think you’d be a good fit for.

 I hope you found this guide useful and I wish you luck in your job search!  If you have other job leads and want to share them with the IPWA community, please email me at, and I will add them to this list.