On June 4, 2020 IPWA hosted another virtual event this time with guest speaker Violetta Impellizzeri to speak about her experience as an astronomer at ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) here in Chile. This was a very exciting event for IPWA as it was the first time we have hosted a science related event. It was a truly eye opening and really interesting presentation. Violetta shared her journey to her position at ALMA, what type of work is done at ALMA, as well as other observatories in Chile. Violetta’s passion is telescopes, especially the massive radio telescopes at ALMA in the Atacama Desert of Chile. We also learned about Violetta’s fascination with blackholes and ALMA’s recent imagining of a black hole. A spirited question and answer session completed the event answering everyone’s questions about astronomy and space. A huge thanks to everyone who attended, the IPWA Committee, and especially Violetta for a wonderful event. Be on the lookout for our next virtual event at the end of June!