On June 26, IPWA hosted three amazing and successful entrepreneurs who shared their experiences with IPWA members as part of “Success or Struggle? Starting your Santiago Business.” Our own Michelle Clarke moderated the event and facilitated a short interactive activity as well to conclude the event.
The event was the perfect atmosphere to ask deep questions about the highs and lows of starting a business in Santiago. Questions answered by the panel included:
  • Did you ever consider the possibility of giving up and starting over?
  • How do you cope with your fears? 
  • Why do you think Chile is considered a country for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business owners?
  • How did you get your first client?
  • When did you decide to formalize your project? (from a legal perspective)
The entrepreneurs also shared with IPWA members that it can be very difficult at the beginning when starting a business. The panelists shared some tips of the trade including:
  • Find your niche and provide them a unique product/service
  • If you are working, try to keep your actual job while developing your own business. This will provide you a “safety net” that will allow you to pay your bills until your business is profitable.
  • Make a business plan! You may find some tips to develop one on the web, or you may look for professional advise (one of the IPWA members who was at the event is a professional consultant who may provide you this type of service).

Meet the Panelists

Maria Soledad Torres:  Maria Soledad is a forward-thinking lawyer and negotiator with progressive expertise in international business law and inmigration law. She provides legal advice and counseling. Her business web page is:www.legalglobal.cl

Leah Southwell:  Leah arrived in Chile 6 years ago without a plan for work. After a few years of experimenting she found a formula that worked and a market that she was perfect to service. Leah now has four people working with her and is doing well by Chilean standards. Her business web page is: executiveenglishnow.com

Gaby Jachuf:  Gaby is an attorney majored in Business Law, who has an entrepreneurial spirit. When she moved to Chile, she decided to set up her own business by doing what she is most passionate about: setting up events & celebrations. Gaby is in a sabbatical period due to her pregnancy and will join us to share her local experience.

In closing this was a really wonderful event that provided IPWA members with a secure space to share their experiences and ask the real questions about the unknown of starting a business in Santiago. We look forward to seeing you all at our next event on July 24.