Carla is a well-known bilingual psychologist in the expat community and you could see she was very experienced when talking about the issues that expats face when living in Chile.

She was very open about her own story of growing up in the USA and the challenges of moving back to Chile and how that felt for her. This allowed the attendees to connect with her and felt safe to share their own experiences. This was followed by group work around the biggest challenges in relationships and everyday life that expats face. Most people found they had the same feelings around these topics and it was great to know that no one is alone in this.

Then coming together and reframing these stories was very empowering and great for changing perspectives on the challenges faced and breaking out of the negativity that often surrounds the expat life in a new country.

Camila, one of the attendees said that ¨the IPWA event had a great mindblowing sharing activity. We could express in a safe and openminded environment about our vulnerability when crossing cultural settings.¨

Not only was it a great learning experience but the workshop also generated a lot of connections between the attendees who all felt like they were in the same boat.