For 2017 IPWA is pleased to make a broad range of programs available to IPWA members:  Coaching, Mentoring, and Volunteering.  To take advantage of these opportunities, sign up to become a member by emailing


We are very excited to be running the first cycle of our IPWA Mentoring Program (MP)!  The current cycle MP will run for 6 months between April 1st and September 30th, 2016.  Look out for further details of the next cycle.

This program is designed for IPWA members in good standing who want to gain a career advantage and maximize their learning opportunities. Our program is suited for professional women with a variety of professional development objectives, such as: building a strong network in the local community, advancing their career, exploring a career change, becoming an entrepreneur, among others.  Mentees selected for the program are matched with a mentor who provides support as the mentees work towards their goals.

The monthly time commitment for the MP is two to four hours per month, depending on how active you and your mentor are. We recommend that at least one interaction per month is done in person. The rest of the interactions can be done in person, by phone, skype, or email. In addition you will be requested to attend two group mentoring meetings, a kick-off and closure meeting.

For questions or comments regarding the MP, please contact Carolina Botelho, Mentoring Program Coordinator at