August event – Transform your CV

Transform your CV at IPWA’s August event
HR expert Ines Reynders will talk us through the dos and don’ts of writing a CV that will help you snatch that dream job.

We will also hear from professional photographer Alex Silva on how to capture the perfect LinkedIn profile picture. 

Send us your CV when you RSVP and receive constructive feedback tailored to you live at the event!

Plus a special discount on headshot photos just for IPWA members! 

When: Wednesday August 31, 7.30pm

Where: Maison de France, San Crescente 451

How much: CLP 10,000 for non members, CLP 5,000 for members and first time guests of members

About Ines:

“From fast-paced mass recruitment of up to 450 people for a major retail chain in Europe to hiring specialized individuals and professionals across the Americas, recruiting is one of my bigger passions for sure!”
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