Enneagram Personal Development Workshop – Special benefit for IPWA members

Why do we sometimes find ourselves in the same annoying situation over and over again?

What do I have to do to improve my relationship with…?

Why is it that I try to change certain aspects of myself, and it just doesn’t work?

Why is it so difficult for me to be alone with myself, and in peace?

If any of these questions resonate internally, IPWA is offering a special benefit for members to take advantage of a personal development workshop, based on the model of the Enneagram.  Through the workshop you will:

– discover some of these answers

– get to know yourself a little better

– have an experience of mindfulness together with other women that are also looking for the same kind of insights.

The workshop will be guided by Soledad Ibieta, active member of IPWA community, who gave the talk on Change and Uncertainty last year and who is also a mentor in the IPWA mentoring Program.

Duration: 8 sessions lasting 2 hours each, twice a month, beginning in August and ending in November

Location: El Bosque Norte 024, Las Condes (Tobalaba Metro Station)

Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (days TBC)

Number of Participants: maximum of 8 IPWA members

Commitment: attend the full program and engage to your best account

Requirement to apply: an email to Soledad Ibieta (sibieta@cahuala.cl) with a copy to membership@ipwasantiago.org expressing the reasons you would want to attend this kind of workshop and your availability to do so. The first to show their interest will be considered for this experience if the number of applicants exceeds 8 people.

Fee: as a benefit to IPWA members, this activity has no set fee. At the end of the workshop, participants will pay what they feel the experience was worth considering that all payments will be your contribution to the construction of a place for meditation and prayer, on Chiloé Island, in the south of Chile.

If you would like to become an IPWA member or renew your membership in order to be eligible for the benefit, please email membership@ipwasantiago.org.

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